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Dr. Pam - America's Menopause Romance DoctorWelcome to the Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor website. Dr. Pam (Dr. Pamela Gaudry, MD) is America’s leading authority on menopause and has consulted celebrities and hundreds of women due to the highly intense emotional and physical effects of menopause . This milestone in a woman’s life directly effects the way she physically feels as well as her relationships with every person in her life. Often, there are marital stresses due to menopause which could be related to lack of sexual relations and emotional relations. This is why Dr. Pam is so highly regarded and respected in her field and referred to as Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor . Dr. Pam offers both the medical and the relationship counseling to help women, like you, through a very difficult time. She has successfully worked through hundreds of patient situations and changed their lives to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Having such a passion for helping others through this time is why people become such avid fans. “Women and men alike love Dr.Pam’s advice and she knows and understands how to help you through this highly sensitive change that you are experiencing. Her down to earth approach makes you feel completely at ease and you will know immediately that you are in the right place when you listen to her. The video shown below is a must see and tells you exactly what Dr. Pam is all about and why she has such passion to help you through the difficult effects of menopause.

Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor
Offers Medical and Menopause Romance Counseling

Dr. Pam and Joan Rivers discuss menopause-Dr Pam-America's menopause Romance DoctorAmerica's Menopause Romance Doctor-6

Dr. Pam understands exactly what you are going through and and has been recognized by leaders, entertainers (as shown with Joan Rivers, seated in the middle) and people just like you to to help them through the effects of the “change of life” that every woman experiences as she gets older. Woman suffer every day and in many cases, their menopause often effects their husbands, significant other or  loved ones.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of menopause you have come to the right place. Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor is here to answer all of your questions and put you back to an emotionally and physically healthy life.

If you are SUFFERING with any of the following symptoms:

  • Significant clotting instead of normal menstrual flow.
  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Bleeding through your clothing.
  • Emotional changes like anger, sadness, rage, crying excessive worry, excessive anxiety.
  • Hot Flashes, then freezing cold.
  • Loss of Sexual desire

You Aren’t Alone Out There!!
All women at some point in their lives experience the same thing.

I Am Dr. Pam and my mission is to help you through this!
The 3rd part of your life can be the happiest and the most romantic!
Its about you feeling better and de-stigmatizing
menopause and putting love back in your life

You are welcome to every part of my website and learn as much as you want.

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Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor Explains Her
Passion To Help You Through The Effects of Menopause


Dr. Pam is more than a medical doctor. She is caring and professional and gives hope to every person she meets. Once you meet Dr. Pam, you will understand why she is called Dr. Pam – America’s Menopause Romance Doctor. She has earned that title.

Dr. Pam - America's Menopause Romance Doctor

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