What Will My Husband Think of Me Using A Vibrator?

Using A Vibrator? Will My Husband Think Positively or Negatively?

Using a VibratorWhat is your husband going to think of you bringing home a vibrator?  Even if it is something that is prescribed by your gynecologist?  

I tell you…they are going to love it.  I doubt that that there aren’t many men out there that wouldn’t be thrilled to have their wives bring home a vibrator and ask if they would incorporate it into their foreplay or their sexual play. It is often a fantasy for them even if they don’t openly express it. They have thought about it and probably a lot through their lifetime. It is something of a mystery to them. Make it real and it can give both of you an enormous amount of pleasure. Even more importantly, it is healthy for you as a woman. 

Men frequently come into my office with their partners and they may be a little apprehensive about using a vibrator to help stretch out the vagina.  The vagina has muscles around it and it is always going to be in a sort of contractile state.  If things are tight and she has pain with intercourse, if she stretches it out with a vibrator, it is not going to stay stretched out.  After several hours, it is going to contract down again.  It is just something that you have to do to keep things open that amount.

Using A Vibrator

Since a lot of vibrators are long and slender, you can certainly use them for penetration. However, the most sensitive spots to vibration are on the surface of the body — especially the clitoris and penile corona — and the first couple of inches into the vagina. Plenty of people use vibrators and never include penetration play in their repertoire at all. Many vibrators have a motor at the tip, are egg-shaped, or fit on the finger like a ring, which makes them easy to hold against the clitoris, the penis, or wherever else you like the feeling. 

I have chosen vibrators for my patients and the ones I like the best, I have chosen for my store. You may look at the store by going to the website at Sophisticated Menopause.I have had only positive responses about them. If you have any further questions, you can contact me through my website or by calling my office.


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