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Why Should I use a Vibrator?

Why Should I use a Vibrator?

Use a vibrator- Dr. Pam Purple flower-LogoI frequently prescribe the use of a vibrator in my practice. Now, why would I tell a woman to use a vibrator?  A vibrator has 2 purposes; one is pleasure.  It is wonderful to use a vibrator.  No woman should die without using a vibrator.  It is quick.  It is easy.  You don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome trying to get yourself off, and it’s just a very pleasant experience.  But, what I am prescribing it for, is physical therapy. 

After menopause, the blood supply to the pelvis is going to decrease because your body doesn’t need the ovaries and uterus to work anymore.  It’s going to give just enough blood supply to keep things alive.  If you don’t use this area of your body…it is going to go away.  It’s going to shrink up.  The vagina shrinks in diameter, and the vagina shrinks in length.  And if you are not having intercourse enough to keep this open and to keep the blood supply going in there, then a vibrator is the perfect instrument to help.  What you can do is to take a vibrator that is the appropriate size for you, put it on high vibration, and put it into your vagina for even just 15 minutes every couple of days.  This will increase the blood flow to the area.  It will help the walls of the vagina thicken and it will keep the lubrication glands working. Use a Vibrator

If you use an estrogen cream as a lubricant for the vibrator you are also getting the estrogen receptors down there stimulated which will also help the thickness of the walls as well as the lubrication glands to keep working.  Years ago, vibrators were kind of nasty looking and were maybe shaped like penises, and had lots of things on the sides of them, and women were just really turned off by them.  Now, there are medical grade plastic and silicone that we use for vibrators.  These plastics and silicones are approved to insert into your body.  And they are beautiful.  They come in beautiful colors; they come in beautiful shapes.  

They come in some shapes that help a woman have an orgasm.  They are designed specifically for that.  There are so many women that are divorced or widowed at mid-life and maybe have not had the opportunity to have intercourse for 5-10 even 15 or 20 years.  But, if you are going to live to age 90, why would you think that you are not going to meet somebody in that third part of your life. Even if, right now, you do not have someone with you. 

Use the vibrator to keep the width and length of the vagina in the appropriate size, so that when you are ready, it will not hurt you to have intercourse.  So many women flower
have pain with intercourse and a lot of times, this is insertional pain.  When the penis first goes into the vagina, it stretches it out a little bit and they experience some pain.  But, if you take the vibrator and incorporate it into your foreplay- if you use the vibrator first and widen the vagina before you have intercourse and get to where you are comfortable, when he does put the penis inside of you, it is not going to be associated with pain, because you have already stretched it out.  Everything on my website has been personally reviewed, and approved so that it is safe to insert into your body.

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