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Dr. Pam - America's Menopause Romance DoctorI am a 66 year young woman –have been your patient for around 6 years. I was divorced when I first came to you, and did not have a partner. I found a wonderful man and was hesitant about sexual relations.  You assured me all would be wonderful and that I should try the hot buttered rum you recommended to me and both of us should relax! You were upbeat, honest and not afraid of any of my questions and concerns and you put me at ease. The next time I came to see you I told you how
wonderful everything was, and your response was “you just made my day—-“.   SK, Savannah


Testimonial for Dr. PamI know you are asking for testimonials from the ladies you have helped (my wife included), but there is always two to tango, and when you helped her – you helped us. Life kept getting better and better – especially those intimate times. And, as you said, all intimate times need not be sexual. Thanks seems lame – but thanks anyway!   KD

Dr. Pam America's Menopause Romance Doctor-menopauseThank you for your help and information about menopause. It really helps me to understand myself better.   ML, Savannah

Thank you so much for helping me. You rock…one of your very lucky patients!!! I love what you are doing for all of us! Thank you!  CL, Savannah

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